The Importance of Real Property Asset Protection

How The Law Can Keep Your Valuables Safe

Pitch: You spent your hard-earned money on the things you need to make your home exactly how you want it. And this includes inside and outside. But there are ways that criminals can take advantage of the law to take what’s yours. Real Estate Lawyers have the know-how to stop them in their tracks.

Have you ever heard of someone breaking into a home, getting injured, then suing the homeowner? It might sound stupid, but the reality is, these cases get picked up by low-cost, low-moral lawyers and in many cases, the criminal wins. You as a homeowner just got defeated in court by the person who invaded your home against your will or knowledge. This isn’t right or fair.

And what about cases where you get sued and lose and the court takes your home as collateral for the summary judgment? This happens all the time, too. Your home is an asset, and in many cases, such as taxes and gains in equity, it is a prosperous holding to have, But in the case of monetary gain to cover damages ruled by the court, it is a huge liability.

How can a real estate attorney fight these judgments and save the biggest purchase you will ever make and the place where your family lays their heads and shares their meals?

Fighting For What’s Yours

Despite what many of us might think when a judgment comes across in favor of the defendant, we all have the right to counsel in a court of law. And sometimes, the person on the other side of the aisle has a better attorney than you who can spin the case to make their client seem like the victim, manipulating the jury. It’s a sad truth, but it happens.

What you need isn’t just any attorney in these cases, but someone who is armed with the right weapons to attack the situation, burying the competition with her knowledge of real estate law. That is where your best choice is Attorney Rebecca Valk. She has a wealth of experience in real estate, land use, and zoning law that is comprehensive, gained from years of in this specific field.

Plenty of people will try to tell you what you can and cannot do with your property. And maybe you don’t know your rights, but she does. And the category of real property law is much broader than many folks realize. It covers your home and land, but also what you have in your home, including personal belongings, and even your vehicle. If you would put it on an insurable property list, real property law covers it.
It is important to note that real property law falls under state purview. And real estate law varies from state to state. Having a lawyer with the knowledge of your home state is invaluable. Rebecca has been the go-to real property attorney for Poughkeepsie, NY, and knows New York state real estate law backward and forward. She is your ace in the hole if your property is being threatened.

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Your Property Rights

Do you know the rights you have to your property? Here are just a few that will help you to understand why a real estate property lawyer might come in handy in the future:

  • Right To Control
  • Right to Possession
  • Right to Use
  • Right to Quiet Enjoyment
  • Right to Allow Use to Others in a Leasing or Licensing Capacity
  • Right To Privacy
  • Right to Trespass Anyone
  • Right to Sell, Gift, or Offer as Inheritance
  • Right to Offer as Collateral

You may have known some of these, but some might have come as a surprise. Rebecca Valk knows them all and how you can enforce them. And many can come in handy in other aspects of the law, such as restraining orders and when HOAs threaten with injunctions. Knowledge is power. Rebecca Valk has the power and the responsibility to use it to help you win your real property case.

Steps to Take

First, insure everything. Insuring your property gives the insurance company a list of your assets in the event of theft, your home burning down, or anything that can remove your property from your possession. This is a pre-emptive strike against those who might have their eye on your things.

Second, structure your assets. This only applies to real estate such as homes, businesses, or land. Create an LLC, or a limited liability company, and put your real estate under its umbrella. This will protect you from certain tax implications. You are no longer an owner, but a member or employee of the LLC. This offers insulation from certain types of property lawsuits as well.

Both of these are perfectly legal and can be handled by your real estate attorney.

Final thoughts

Rebecca Valk is a friend to property owners because she cares. If you live in Poughkeepsie or Duchess counties in New York and need a consultation to determine your needs, she is ready to help you, and if necessary, defend you and your property. Her toolbox is filled with a catalog of legal strategies, all designed with the client’s best interest in mind. And she comes to win. Give her a call and find out how she can help you.