Poughkeepsie Ethics Attorney Rebecca Valk

Sometimes Attorneys Need an Attorney

Even the best attorneys can run into ethical dilemmas or inadvertently run afoul of ethical guidelines. Since these guidelines can be complex, and since ethics violations can result in career or reputational ruin, it’s good to seek the services of a qualified ethics or grievance attorney. Such an attorney can guide you through dilemmas, look for potential red flags you might not see, and protect your rights if you’re facing a complaint or disciplinary action.


Grievance Defense Attorney

If a client feels an attorney has been dishonest or unethical or has violated laws or legal standards of conduct, that client can file a grievance against the attorney. Whatever the merits of the client’s claims, you need quality representation from an attorney like Rebecca Valk who has extensive experience when it comes to legal ethics and grievance procedures. She will look out for your interests and do all she can to reach the best outcome possible. Rebecca will be with you every step of the way through the process and make sure you understand all your rights and options.

Disciplinary Defense Attorney

If a lawyer loses a grievance claim filed against him or her, or if a lawyer is found guilty of violating the New York Professional Code of Conduct, it’s an extremely serious occurrence that could threaten that lawyer’s future in the profession. The consequences could be as severe as suspension or disbarment. If the lawyer is able to remain in the profession, he or she could sustain reputational damage and/or higher malpractice policy costs. Certain discipline, even if not public, can prevent an attorney from representing certain clients in the future, such as banks, mortgage companies or title companies. When you’re facing disciplinary proceedings, Rebecca Valk will draw upon her deep experience in ethics law, grievance filings, and disciplinary hearings to guide you through the process, ensure fair treatment, and seek the most favorable decision possible. If you're located outside Poughkeepsie, Rebecca Valk also provides legal services all over Dutchess County.


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