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Dutchess County Attorney Rebecca Valk

Rebecca A. Valk has practiced law since 2004. In 2021, her passion for protecting rights and providing representation became the Law Office of Rebecca A. Valk. Her office focuses on land use and zoning law, attorney ethics law, real estate law, and guardianships. She is honored to serve the Hudson Valley area.

From farmers to non-profit owners, Rebecca uses her years of experience to represent her clients with excellence and emotional intelligence. She is the daughter and granddaughter of dairy farmers, and her upbringing taught her the discipline and pride that she applies to her practice. Rebecca is a current member of the Dutchess County Bar Association. She was named among Hudson Valley’s Top Lawyers in 2021 in the area of commercial litigation. In 2003, she received her JD from St. John’s University School of Law in Queens, NY.


If you’re trying to navigate complex local and state land use regulations, there’s a lawyer who specializes in this area. A zoning attorney or land use attorney is the expert in building ordinances, construction permits, environmental regulations, and more. Without advice, businesses and individuals can experience hassles and headaches that lead to loss of income and productivity. Denied permits, fines, delays, and canceled contracts are among the examples. Contact Rebecca today.

An attorney may need an attorney one day. A client can file a grievance against an attorney if they feel something dishonest or unethical has taken place. If a lawyer is found guilty of violating the New York Professional Code of Conduct, the results can be career-ending. Rebecca is here to walk with attorneys every step of the way. No attorney wants to end up in this situation, but they don’t have to navigate the next steps alone. Contact Rebecca today.

A guardianship is a legally recognized status that refers to one person possessing the legal authority to make personal and financial decisions for another person. Starting the conversation about someone’s ability to make decisions can be challenging. Rebecca is committed to demonstrating empathy while leading with the best decisions to honor wishes and dignity. Learn more about Rebecca’s experience and which situations would require a guardianship.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or using land, real estate law applies. While most people think of property as the major focus of this practice area, the list is more detailed. Vehicles, jewelry, and other tangible items count, too. Real estate law varies from state to state. Choose a real estate lawyer that confidently knows and understands the laws of the state and its localities. Contact Rebecca today.

Rebecca Valk. Committed to Excellence.

Dutchess County Attorney Rebecca Valk

Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate, Attorney Ethics, and Guardianships

Rebecca A. Valk is in the business of helping the community make the best decisions on often complex topics. Established in 2021, the Law Office of Rebecca A. Valk offers clients representation in the areas of land use and zoning law, attorney ethics law, real estate law, and guardianships. Excellence and empathy are the defining features of her practice, and she enjoys working with small businesses in the community.

Serving the entire Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley area is home. If you live in Dutchess County, Ulster County, or anywhere in the Hudson Valley, contact the Law Office of Rebecca A. Valk at 845-330-3350.

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